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Full Version: 12C Platinum Dust Problem
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I have had several of the new and improved 12C Platinums, and they all develop dust inside the display. It's not a huge deal, but is kind of annoying.

Is it just poor design? Can it be blown out.

I'm tired of taking them back to Office Depot.

Many thanks.

I guess it is what "made in china" is all about

I don't think the fact that something is made in China means that it is inherently inferior. If HP wanted calculators with its name on them to equal the quality of the golden years, they would design accordingly and require their Chinese manufacturers to have better quality control.

I think the culprit is ultimately HP. They are ultimately responsible for the quality of the products that bears their name, even if they are not the ones manufacturing it. If issues like dust in the display were unacceptable to HP, they would then require the manufacturer to have better quality control, or they would have to review their design to see if there was a design problem resulting in dust getting in the display.

My Apple iPod was made in China and it is a truly fine piece of equipment.

(But even so, it also says "Designed by Apple in California" on the back. Is it just me, or does that sound like Apple is apologizing for something?)

That's hilarious!! Yes, it sounds like an apology.

You say they "develop" dust. Does this mean they come clean from the store, but get dusty later (as you use it)?

This has been an HP problem for a long time! My '41CX slowly accumulates dust in the display as time goes by. Others have commented on this as well. The display is just not hermetically sealed. Some (clean!) compressed air may help - although it can also just blow the dust farther into the unit.

Thanks. No, the dust accumulates over time. Very annoying!