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Full Version: Dave Hicks Doesn't Like Free Speech
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Dave Hicks Doesn't Like Free Speech

Now what?

Let's have a huge flame war where we all outdo each other in telling the troll in the sternest possible terms how much we disapprove.

That'll teach him. ;-)

Now what?

Now the troll has found a victim. Two, actually ;P

OTOH, this incident is a good opportunity to ask for obligating 'contributors' to the registration process. I know it's not really my business but I can't impossibly be the only one getting annoyed by trolls and anonymous poster.


Right. I wasn't so much going for the troll here. I'm concerned about the phenomenae as such. The last couple of weeks has seen cowardice bloom.

don't like it, don't use it

(i.e. go away and create you own computer museum site where you can have your own policies)


Again folks, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything. This works especially well here because reaction is obviously what is being sought. The dead silence will speak volumes. Yet, there always seem to be people who can't resist jumping into agitators traps. This reaction also leaves the impression of eliteism and rudeness when used with visiting newbs asking what are perceived as "dumb" or unsearched questions. Lets just be nice. Either provide friendly help or silence.


Instead of total silence, Dave has proposed that we use the "report post" feature more often. It helps him to filter isulting messages before too many of us get too upset.


Donald Leonard wrote:
> Again folks, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything.

hey, my posting was nice :-)