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Full Version: HP85B & HP87 emulator
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Finally I managed to emulate enough of an HP85B to make a new release of my emulator. On the following website, you'll find a binary archive for windows and an archive with the sources also for windows.

Link to Website

You are free to play with the source, just try to send back major changes.


Bonjour Olivier,

Nice to see that the HP85B is supported now!

But I can't download it, transfer fails...

What about a HP-75D version?


Bonjour Jean-Fran├žois,

Strange, I just try to transfert the archives and it works ...

For the 75D or C I have some roms but the I/O of the 75 is very different from the I/O of the 80 series...

So without some documentations, it will take some times (trial and errors ...)

As I add some comments, I give now the sources


strange, I managed to download it just fine.


BTW good work

BTW2: I am not sure whether its my set up, but the HP-85B emulation will not start unless a disk drive is mounted. If not it does not respond to input till you actually mount a volume.

Is there a link to insstructions that show how to load HP-85/8 binary or BASIC files into the emulator?



I don't managed to reproduce this behaviour.

Did you try to press 'reset' ?


yes I tried pressing reset

the OS is Windows-2000 basic configuration. It is my standard windows test environment as it does not have any other application installed (except updates to IE etc).

It runs under VMWARE with the host tools installed. It has a non-persistent disk which means that you can install software, test it and when you shut the virtual machine down, it will ofrget everything and revert to the original state. So you cannot damage your starting configuration.