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Full Version: Mashed down buttons on 12c
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Hello. Wondering if this is normal. Based on the advice on this forun, I bought a used Brazil-made HP 12c (made in 1990) from ebay -- instead of buying a new 12c from the store.

I noticed, though, that several of the buttons (+, -, x, clx) are lower than the others -- almost like they were smashed down. They do work, however. Is that normal?

Old calculators can end up with all sorts of wear-related flaws. What you describe is just one of many. It is not "normal" or "typical" but it can and does happen.

One of my collegues tends to type very "heavily" -- on a PC keyboard and on his workplace-issued 1987 HP-15C. The calc is beat, with frequently-used keys nearly flush with the faceplate. But it still works perfectly...

-- KS