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Full Version: HP28 S ROM
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Hi there,

I desperately search for a HP-28S (or HP-28C) ROM. My old HP28-S has a damaged battery lid.
I also own a HP IPAQ and would like to emulate the HP-28S on the IPAQ.

All searching for a ROM was unsuccessful. Some Methods described in the 'net (http://privat.swol.de/ChristophGiesselink/) are not very helpful, because you need equipment, no one I know owns.

Does anyone a practicable way to get the ROM of a HP-28S or HP28-C for the Pocket PC emulators?

Best regards,

You can make your damaged 28 work long enough to extract the rom -

Use a piece of aluminum foil across the ends of the batteries to make the connection and place tape over the area of the battery holder to force the batteries into the calculator and hold them in place.

Ugly but it will work...