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Full Version: CMT EPROM Programmer?
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I just bought two CMT71-32E EPROM modules. These fit the front ports of the 71, and contain one surface mounted EPROM chip apiece. One of them has '27C256(illegible)' visible on its surface. It appears from this old museum post that CMT sold a special programmer for these modules. Does anyone out there have one of these programmers, or have experience hacking one together for these modules? I so want the JPCROM on one of these. I'm willing to talk trade for the privilege of using your equipment. 8)


I have one of them, Howard, and I'd be glad to program a PROM for you, assuming the programmer still works!

Email me at r-o-d-g-e-r-o-s@yahoo.com (kill the hyphens)with your own email address.

Can you also program the HP-75 EPROMS?


The HP-71B EPROM programmer is specifically for the HP-71B EPROM, and will not accept others. The EPROM being programmed plugs into a contact set that duplicates the front port on the 71.