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Full Version: So many ebay sellers
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Why is it that we have so many ebay sellers trying to get us to buy from them on ebay. Why dont they come off there and sell direct to those on this site instead like most of us have done or do today??? Just a silly question. I hate ebay

Just my 1 cents worth


eBay is a free platform for selling and buying items. No one is forcing anyone to buy anything. If you find a deal then go for it. If you think the prices are way too high, then you have the personal power to vote with your wallet. No one is helpless!

As for selling on this site, I have noticed that many of the offers are EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE than eBay. So you do you want to pay MORE for the same item?

This web site is NOT as organized for selling items as eBay is. By that I mean that the site curator does not get involved if a transaction goes sour. There is no feedback system on this site to warn potential buyer.

This site is mainly to share news, techniques, ideas, and so on about HP calculators. It does include a modest for sale part. Again, those folks comfortable with selling and buying here do so, and those who are not don't get involved.

Either eBay or this site, we ALL HAVE A CHOICE. Each system has it's dynamics, advatnatges, and disadvantages. We pick the ones we are comfortable with ... or none at all.


Yes I agree Namir. We do have free choice, but I won't go back to ebay ever.

That choice is your right.

Why do sellers use eBay? Buyers.

Better to ask why buyers use eBay. I think it's because the general perception is that it is safe. Whether it is or not is certainly arguable. But I think it's true that most buyers see it that way. And other sites on the Internet are unknown quantities to most people, and therefore seen as unsafe, once again whether they are or not.

But when you look at how the psychology of eBay's modified auction works on the seller's behalf, it's amazing so many people keep going there. I "opt out" of the bidding wars, generally. Otherwise I too get goaded into bidding over what I really want to pay.


I'd say that eBay is more ORGANIZED and that seems to instill some confidence. Who would want to deal with a here-today-gone-tomorrow web site??? As for safety, I make no illusion about the presence of dishonest or lazy sellers. As a buyer, I have to read between the lines and use experience to get a general feeling about the reliability of the auction info and the seller.


Yes, the stability is part of the safety equation. Also, they work really, really hard to address issues that could undermine trust in the site, generally. Their efforts to educate people about phishing schemes using eBay and PayPal as bait is an example. The warnings and educational links are right up front in "My eBay" most of the time. They have PayPal, which has basically no downside for buyers, offering guarantees, for extra money of course. A user doesn't even have to use the service to get a sense of safety from that. And then there's the reputation system. While it's flawed in the sense that people are reluctant to mark anyone down for fear of retaliation, it actually works pretty well for dissuading outright criminality. (Nobody is reluctant to give negative feedback to a crook.)

So between managing actual site safety and the perceptions of same, eBay keeps the buyers on board. They have to, because buyers under the influence of the modified auction are eBay's product.. That product attracts eBay's customers, the sellers. Sellers get fees hiked on them every year, and they keep coming back. And eBay keeps on minting money.

But hey, you can get some cool calculators there! 8)


Their efforts to educate people about phishing schemes using eBay and PayPal as bait is an example.

I agree. I get emails from eBay and PayPal all the time about phishing. They say to be careful, and then I just have to click on the link and log in to learn more. ;^} ;^)

you may try my own site to sell your calculators and accessories:
www.elibertas.com.br link Tecnologia, Balcao Calculadoras.

It also is not so organized as Ebay, but you still may use it ;>)

About confidence, Ebay is not perfect too ...

Best regards,

Aren't you glad they care so much as to warn you all the time? 8)