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Full Version: Batteries for HP 12C
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Does anyone know the battery part number and equivalents for a HP12C calculator. Do you know a source of supply?

I'm using 1.5V 357 watch cells in my 15c and they work just fine. The manual (for the 15c) calls for A76, LR44, or 357 cells.
I'm sure all the voyagers use the same batteries.
Best regards, Hal


newer HP12C and all HP12C Platinum use a single 3V or 3.3V button type cell. You can see which is yours by removing the battery cover.

My newer HP12C and 12C Platinum use a Panasonic CR2032.

About suppliers, I guess that you can find them easily, wherever you are. Any electronic components supplier should have these for sale.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 29 Jan 2006, 1:30 p.m.

The battery model numbers are given by the previous posters. These types of batteries are used in watches - so check the watch counter at your local favorite drug store, Target, Sears, Wallyworld, Radio Shack, etc.

I am using A76 (energizer) and LR44 (Maxell). Walgreens or a good camera store, or google it and there are jillions of sites.

Good luck