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Full Version: Bee-yoo-tee-full 10C on eBay
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And only $59.00. Makes me queasy just looking at the pictures.

10C, only $59.00 BIN

Edited: 25 Jan 2006, 11:32 p.m.

at least there is no doubt that the pictures are original :-)


Looks like it was (well) used in the space program...as a blast deflector.
Or perhaps it spent some time on the bottom of the space shuttle (like during a re-entry).
Hal :)

This babe deserves a better place to rest... in 'pieces'. (sig)


Luiz (Brazil)

I don't know... looks like another person ripping off HPMUSEUM photos to me ;-)


You are on to something .... perhaps it was used to collect comet dust (shown in the eBay picture) for the probe that just came backto earth???? If that's true, this baby can be worth millions!!!!!!!!!!

The folks at CSI HP say that the 10C in that auction has lepracy!

Well, someone bought the poor thing.

It's odd, the case looks like it's been through hell, but the buttons are clean. And he claims it passes the self tests. Tsk.

If such is the case, isn't it a real V'ger?

Somebody, please archive these pictures somewhere!

It is a great example of the indestructibility of the voyagers...fantastic!

He even displays the self-test results--- a "10" in the middle of the display.

Edited: 26 Jan 2006, 10:30 a.m.

I'm guessing an extended period of exposure to moisture (high humidity perhaps?) or maybe something caustic. It looks like the aluminum faceplate is extensively oxidized, with loss of ~50% of the black background. Someone has tried to fix that with a marker. (I recognize that from my own attempt to hide scratches on the face of the first HP-48 I disassembled -- oooops!)

If that is the case (very punny!), it's not surprising that the keytops look relatively unaffected. (What is surprising, however, is that it still works -- if indeed lots of moisture is the culprit.)

Looks like the worst case of youthful acne I've ever seen. Still, in a few years, it should grow out of it.


--- Les