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Full Version: HP-42S Files available for HP ME Solutions Book
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I have entered the programs in the Mechanical Engineering Step-by-Step Solutions book as Published by HP. Book is Number 00042-90022, Edition 1, October 1988.

The programs were entered into the EMU-42 emulator and then saved to RAW files. Erik's 42S2HTML program was used to generate the program listings and binaries.

I though these might be of use to other HP-42S users. Of course, you'll need a copy of the Solutions Book to understand how each program is to be used.

Although I have checked them cafefully, I may have still overlooked something.....

I have sent a copy to Erik so that he could post it on the Hp-42S site. If anyone here would also like a copy, please e-mail be at

bjunk at NOTvpes dot com

Just remove the NOT and reassemble.