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Full Version: Opening a 2225B Thinkjet printer
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Does anyone know of a way to open the case of a 2225B Thinkjet printer?

Yes, start by removing the battery pack and the print cartridge. I normally also unclip the lever that locks the cartridge in place.

Undo the 4 deeply-recessed TX9 screws on the bottom. Ignore the one that you can easily see the head of, that holds the mechanism in place.

Turn the printer the right way up, then lift off the top case. The paper window thingy will fall out. Unplug the cable from the control panel (in the top case) to the logic PCB (at the latter end).

Assuming you need to go further, next remove the remaining screw on the bottom (the obvious one), and the 2 screws with the 'top hat' washers inside the mechanism. Lift the mechanism up and forwards, unplug the connectors (motors, home swtich, out-of-paper switch, carriage flexiprint) from the PCB. Undo the 2 screws (TX15?) accessible through holes in the battery compartment, then unplug the HPIL connector from the PCB, lift out the rear panel and unplug the battery connector from the PCB.

Is that far enough, or do you need to dismantle the mechanism?