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Full Version: TI-57 Emulator for HP-48S/SX/G/G+/GX, HP-49G and HP-49G+ is finished
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AFAIK, this is the first time ever that TI machine code can be executed on a HP CPU :-)

This famous vintage calculators is fully emulated because the emulator is based on the real ROM (object code retyped and analyzed by me from the original TI patents).


(*) Continuous Memory - data and program memory is preserved after exiting the emulator.

(*) Light-sleep mode when waiting for a key is implemented.

(*) Auto power-off is implemented.

(*) Ability to save/save RAM to/from a RM57 variable.

(*) Emulator is much faster than real calculator.

(*) Pause duration is lowered to about 1/2 second.

(*) Advanced LRN functionality: Current instruction is displayed in text form above the regular display in LRN mode.

The first three features in fact turn TI-57E into never released TI-57C calculator.

I won't release TI-57E for Windows because my primary concern are HP-48 and HP-49 calculators. For this reason, I gave the ROM and the emulation code to Eric so he can include TI-57 into Nonpareil as stated in another thread (this code is written in Delphi Pascal so he must translate it into C).

TI-57E is freeware. I uploaded it to http://www.hpcalc.org some ten days ago but it still didn't show and isn't available for download. I don't know the reason for this. Maybe you can suggest me another location for the upload ...

Best regards.


I assume that it is packed as a ZIP file? What is teh size of teh file? I might be able to post it on my web site at (I'll make a new page and link for it:




Great! If you need a space to place your file, I can offer you a slot at http://www.pmgeiser.ch/calc

Best regards


Hi Namir and Peter,

There are 3 ZIP files (one for HP-48S/SX/G/G+/GX, one for HP-49G and one for HP-49G+), each about 12K in size. Can I send them to you by mail?

Best regards.

You've got mail. 8)

And you :-)

The files are up at retrocalculator.com:




Thanks, Hrast!


I created a new page for the TI-57 emulator on my website. The main page is:

click here


Hello Hrast Programmer

I have created a small page for your emulators on my calculators page:


I also finished a page on HP97 card reader repair, with a few photos.

Comments and feedback are welcome.

Best regards


Thanks to Howard, Namir and Peter (in alphabetical order) for hosting TI-57E :-)