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Full Version: HP 3468A US / German voltage selection
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there's a sticker with multiple supply voltages on the back of the 3468A / B Multimeter (see image below - sorry for the bad scan), with one option being "checked". This indicates that the voltage can somehow be selected...

Now that these Multimeters are relatively hard to get in Germany, I though about buying one in the US. There's a switch for frequency selection (50Hz/60Hz), but I haven't found anything for the voltage. Usually, one could probably use a power converter, but I don't know in how far the device relies on the supply voltage as a comparator.

So question is: Can the device be reconfigured / rewired / resoldered for use with the German supply voltage of 230V instead of the US 110/120V?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Gunter,

No problems in using a US Model in Germany. After taking off the cover you'll fin a cable on the PCB (printed circuit board) next to the power transformer which can be plugged on the correct voltage selection pin. The voltages to choose from a printed on the PCB. I've bought my HP-3468A in USA and am using it in Switzerland on 230VAC.

Cheers Daniel

Hallo G√ľnther,

Yes, you can change the voltage selection on the 3468A/B but, contrary to the frequency, the change must be performed internally.

You have to open the multimeter. inside, you have to solder a jumper (J701) between 2 connections that will provide you with the desired voltage.

The precise scheme to follow is given on page 2.1 figure 2.4 of the 3468A/B service manual.

More precisely on this page:

After soldering and double-checking your soldering...

Test & enjoy!

MfG aus Frankreich!


Edited: 20 Dec 2005, 4:22 p.m.

Hi Daniel,

Ooops, sorry I didn't see your post before posting mine!!

Apologies & best regards!



you've made my day. Now I have another use for your HP-IL module that is hopefully to arrive in the next few days... :-)

I'll try and get a 3468 asap.




wow, thank you for taking the time to provide explanations and scans, that's awesome!


Just in case anyone else is interested: I just modified a 3468A to 240V by soldering in the correct jumper as described above. You don't even have to lift the PCB, just open the case by the 4 screws on the bottom, solder the existing bridge out and a new one in. Easy thing.