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Full Version: Creating your own keyboard overlay...
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... is it easy ? I have tried (perhaps in vain) to search for HP48 accessories -- in particular the keyboard overlays. One of my HP48GX's is slowly showing a little bit of wear on the keyboard (nothing bad, just that it no longer is shiny and new looking =)

Has anyone tried making their own keyboard overlay? Or could someone owning one give us dimensions / measurements so we could attempt such a project?


I was lucky enough to have purchased a few from HP back when they were available.

There is someone out there (in Hawaii)that is making blank ones. Not quite to the quality of the HP ones, but very usable and reasonably priced. I found him either here or in the newsgroup. Let me know if you can't track him down and I'll get the info up here.


Please get the info up here.

I second that motion.


Well here it is; it's been a while (just about a year), but hopefully Jason is still in this biz. They were not quite as 'clean' as the HP ones, but were very good.

Jason Look <jyl@hgea.org>

Let me/us know how it goes.


Thank you for the info! I was wondering if you happen to have some photos of these overlays (the non-HP ones).


Don't have any here; but perhaps I could scan both the HP ones and the other ones. Don't hold your breath though; very busy now; will try within the next week or so.


Just an fyi; my email to Jason (the overlay source) I had listed bounces!

Ok; I've scanned in both an hp (non-clear) overlay and the 'non-hp' one I had obtained from Jason. Email me and I'll email you 600dpi scans (about 12MB each) of whatever ones you want.