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Full Version: Is this rare?
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This 41-CV has a "turbo speed" upgrade, and a red switch on the side. Only 90 Euros, anyone know if it's a wise buy?

It's described as non-functional. And you can see corrosion on the battery contacts even the oblique photo provided.

So yes, the turbo speed upgrade is somewhat rare, although I believe that there are plans, or at least instructions, on how to do the mod in the old PPC issues. But the corrosion means you have an unknown amount of damage to the bridge connector, and possibly the main PCB. I've had mixed results bringing machines with that sort of damage back to life. Perhaps some of the more experienced calculator techs have had better luck?

I ordered the speed upgrade kit for my 41cx from Educalc back in the heyday. Being careful to read the whole "manual" before attempting installation, I came across something that said you shouldn't use it if you have the HPIL, merged modules, or something else-- maybe extended memory-- I don't remember. In any case, I had all three of the things on the list of potential incompatibilities, and was using them all regularly, so I sent it back.


AFAIK the X-Memory works fine with the 1.7x speed,

and most other 'passive' ROM modules do.

At least my CY Turbo has no problems with any modules,

only the Wand, card reader, and HPIL should be operated

at normal speed.