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Full Version: Hp-85/9815/9825 tape capstan creation & 9815 installation procedure.
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Hi all,

This is just to report on successful tape capstan repairs if it can help somebody.

I've put on my ugly "site" 2 step-by-step procedures:

- How to rebuild a new tape capstan for the Hp 85/9815/9825 from a tap joint.

- How to change your 9815 A/S Tape capstan.

Next step will be "Silencing your 9815 printer on demand".

As soon as I understand how to include pictures in articles, I'll post an article on the forum.

Critics & suggestions are welcome!


I've not tried any of this, but a few ideas...

Once you've dismantled the machine as far as you did, it's very easy to go a bit further and take the tape drive out. On a 99815 (any model), undo the 2 screws on the tape drive PCB, free the left side panel from the base, then unplug the tape drive PCB from the edge connector on the PSU/printer PCB and take the lot out. IIRC 2 more screws hold the tape drive to the side panel.

Once it's out, the motor is electrically isolated from everything else (the motor drive amplifier is on the PSU/printer PCB). You could then connect a DC bench supply to the motor and get it to spin so you could use the X-acto blade to scrape off the remains of the old rubber.

Thanks for the feedback Tony!

You're right, getting the whole tape subassembly out is much better than merely fixing it in place!

I did remove all screws but didn't succeed in unplugging the tape drive PCB...and was reluctant to exert force.

You may see the unscrewed assembly here:

I'll update the procedure at my next maintenance operation (ie Shut-upping the printer on demand).

Thanks again!


If you do decide to remove the motor assembly from the tape drive, note the connections to the speed sensor. I got them wrong and the
machine unspooled my test tape.

Not fatal (ji repsooled the tape), but still best avoided because
it means you have to take the tape drive out to fix the connection.


Edited: 2 Dec 2005, 8:12 p.m.