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Full Version: 14B Calculator - change # of decial places
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Does anyone know how to increse the number of decimal places on a 14B Business Caluculator. I'm using the HP caluculator that I had in high school for business school now and can't figure out how to increase the decimal points. THANKS!

Hi, T. Ulch;

please, locate the "close paenthesis" key [)] in your calculator and you'll see [DISP] printed in orange (gold?) over the key, in the keyboard faceplate. To access the DISP menu, press the shift key, wiht a small orange (golden?) square printed on it, over the ON/[C] key; you'll see that a menu with four options apper:

[FIX  ALL  .  ,]
If you press [PV] key, the calculator will show all significant digits of the mantissa of the number in the display till the last non-zero to the right side of the fraction part. You can check:
2  [SHIFT]1/x   ->   [ 0.5        ]
8 [SHIFT]1/x -> [ 0.125 ]
[C] -> [ 0 ]
If you choose a fixed number of decimal places, [SHIFT][)] again and [FIX]; then you´ll see:
[ FIX _        ]
so you can specify how many digits you want, frm 0 (only integer part) to maximum of 11. Rounding occurs according to the last not-shown digt: if less than 5, last visible digit remains; if greather than of equal to 5, last visible digit is increased one unit.
To specify a number of digits of the fraction part, simply press any number key from [0] to [9] after seeing
[ FIX_       ]
If you want 10 or eleven fixed digits, press [.] (dot) key to change from
[ FIX _       ]
[ FIX 1_      ]
then [0] or [1]. Try this:
[SHIFT][DISP][N][4] ->   [ 0.0000     ]
2 [SHIFT]1/x -> [ 0.5000 ]
8 [SHIFT]1/x -> [ 0.1250 ]
[C] -> [ 0.0000 ]
Hope this helps.


Luiz (Brazil)