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Full Version: HP48GX and Invalid Card Data Error
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I have an HP48GX and every time I start it up with the 1MB Memory Pac I get an error:

"Warning: Invalid Card Data."

W/o the card in no problem.

Any ideas?


It just means that you have a new card with no data on it. Since the card has not been initialized, you will always have "Invalid Data." As soon as you start using each and every port, the message goes away. Or, you could just use the PINIT (port initialization) command. It will essentially initialize all ports.

Thanks, I tried that. Did nothing. Other ideas?




if it's a new and/or empty card,

PINIT is the way to go.

Be sure to have the write protect switch

in the ReadWrite position.

If the card has some software on it,

it could be that the contents are invalid.

In this case just pull the card out of the calc,

then pull the card's battery for a few minutes,

then reinsert the battery, then the card,

and start over with PINIT.

If that won't work, the card may be defective.

Or is it an older TDS card?



(Free translation of my German user manual): You have to use at least one port on the card that the error message goes away.

Try using PINIT and then store something on a port. If you still get the error message, it could also be the cell battery. Somehow my memory cards need good cells even if they are plugged into the calculator.