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Full Version: A Bunch of HP-01 Pen Winners
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The Current Winners

Since I posted my note about the HP-01 pens, several people have made some great postings on the Memories and Articles forums as well as other contributions. The following people should email me their snail mail addresses so I can send them their HP-01 stylus/pens:


Tony Duell (Serial Port downloads etc.)

Rafa (HP 65 card reader tips)

Katie (Replacement Nicads for HP Battery Packs etc.)

George Weigt (HP Calculator Opcode Map)

Ty Rogers (Repairing the hp 82104A photos.)

David Fenyes (HP48 Disassembly )


Dana Bingham (Best money i ever spent)

Mike O'Regan (HP41c Memories)

Rick Wagoner (Funny, for that much…)

Rex Wiederanders (My HP 67)

D. Banks (Landing on the moon never impressed me)

Brian W. Haren (Once More Through The Rinse Cycle, Please!)

HP-41 Software Library:

Chris Johnson (HP-41 Games Pac programs)

Brian Ward (HP-41 Fruit/Slot Machine Game)

Those who have sent scans: My plan is to wait until the next CD is done and then give the people who have scanned the most pages the option of getting some of the other items mentioned below. If you want a pen now instead - just let me know.

How to get Pens and other Stuff - (repost)

Don't worry - there are still many pens left. Here's my old note about how to get them:

As mentioned below in the "Happy Holidays from HP!" thread, HP found a stash of old HP-01 Pens. Also in the stash were a
few other items like unsold HP-01 bracelets and leather straps, HP-01 replacement battery case/watch openers, HP-01
assembly tools, HP-41 ROMs and entire application pacs, a printer, a tape drive, battery doors and holders etc. I'll be giving
these items away over the next year. There are several ways to get one or more items:

1) Scan one or more new and interesting manuals for inclusion on a future version of the CDs. See:

http://www.hpmuseum.org/software/swcd.htm and

for manuals that are already scanned or promised. See the "Happy Holidays from HP!" thread for an incomplete list of manuals that are needed.

If you have a scanner but don't have manuals, there are at least two chances to volunteer anyway:

Hugo has volunteered to scan most of the manuals he listed, but he says it would go a lot faster if someone would volunteer to
help him. Peter Petersson has many of the manuals he listed but is unable to scan them. He is willing to lend them to someone
in Germany, Austria or Switzerland (only) for scanning.

Please coordinate with me before scanning so two people don't scan the same manual. Generally I consider about 150 pages to
be the minimum per pen but some manuals may be worth a pen even if short.

Don't have a scanner? On to…

2) Loan some missing manuals to me to scan. Generally you'll need to supply more pages than in option 1 because I'm doing the labor. Also, this is subject to the availability of my spare time for scanning. (I expect to have spare time in mid January
through March - I have none in December.)

Don't have any needed manuals or a scanner? On to…

3) Post something very informative in the articles forum or something very "memorable" in the memories forum. Pens will be awarded for these based purely on my judgement mixed with a little random chance. Post early. Post often. Post brilliantly!

Sometimes, I'll also award pens for posts in the main forum. This could be for a great answer to a difficult question, starting or
contributing to a really interesting thread or for being generally helpful over time.

That doesn't work for you either? On to…

4) Once in awhile I'll run another giveaway contest.

In general, I'll mostly give out the pens because I have the most of those. I hope I've provided enough ways to win that
everyone who wants one has a good chance to get one. People who do a lot of scanning or post some really great articles will
be offered their choice of the other items in addition to pens.