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Full Version: EPROM module for HP71B
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Hi folks,

I have a HP71b with an EPROM module made by a company called Hand Held Products. It contains a 32KB EPROM with an application for hospitals, which is not very usefull for me.

I found the dump of the JPC-ROM some time ago in the web and would like to use it with this module. Do I have to take care of something when burning the EPROM, or when inserting it in the HP71?

I have tried it, but the HP71 doesn't seem to use the new EPROM.

Any hints?



I didn't program an EPROM for the HHP since a long time, but I remember that the content of the EPROM is complemented, i.e. EPROM's 00 bytes are read as FF, and FF bytes are read as OO. I believe it was designed so an empty EPROM (full of FF) behaves like non-exiting memory (returning 0, the RTNSXM opcode).


Hi Thomas,

If possible, please save copy of eprom file of the Hospital Application. While I have no use for it, there's probally someone here that might want to see it. I don't know how the dump would be done, but I'm sure someone here knows how to do it.

I just hate to see any application disappear.


Hi Thomas,

In line with Bill's previous post, and if you dont have the time/equipment/skills to perform the EPROM copy, just let me know.

I'll gladly send you a pair of blank ERPOM chips (of the same type) so you can re-program your module without having to erase the original Hospital application.


NOTE: Of course, the above offer is ovbiously free of charge.

Edited: 14 Nov 2005, 1:28 p.m.

Hi Bill and Diego,

do not fear!

If I get a new (old) computer, the first thing is to read the EPROMs, just in case.

The application on my HP71 is calling itself STAT-TRAC/RT and made by STAT Systems Inc.. This company still exists, have a look at http://www.statsystems.com/.

Is there a place for storing such EPROM images somewhere in the web?

Hopyfully I will have time to test the tip given by J-F. at the weekend.