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Full Version: 42s hardcover flip-case
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Does anyone recognize this flip top case for the 42s? Ebay# 5827940433.

It would fit the whole series, I suppose. It seems like a great way to protect the machine. But, having used a 42s, I know that you can best see the display when your line of sight is somewhere around ~40 degrees from the horizontal. Thus I don't know if the increased angle offered by the case would be useful.

I know the 49g / g+ would benefit from a slight angle increase like this. I used two hemisperical stick on feet (r = 0.125) on the battery door, to angle my 49g+ for desktop study use.


These were hard plastic cases made by Astech Industries many many years ago. I was fortunate enough to get two of them several years ago when a gentleman here was selling his last remaining stock of new ones.

Mine are on two of my HP-42S. They are great cases, especially if you, like me, use your 42s on a daily basis. The overlapping lip on the edges does a good job of sealing out most of the dirt/dust. Since I carry my 42S in my briefcase and out to job sites, the hard case gives it a lot more protection and is quicker to access than using the standard slip case.

The case has a raised tab on each side that matches the grove on the side of the calculator so that the calculator is securely locked into the case. I believe most of the Pioneer models should be able to fit.

As you can tell, I am a great fan of this case. I only wish I had two more. I know, I'm greedy - but aren't we all when it comes to our favorite toys.


These are great cases. I have 2 of them myself. I wish someone had made a case like this for the 48G as well.