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Full Version: TI & HP related?
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TI calcs related to HP calcs!??

yes, in the sense that they were competing for the same market.

Yes sir, seriously, the TI Calcs were designed by TI's Engineers who were actually using HP Calcs.

My whistle-blower at TI told me however that the batteries were empty when they came to the keyboard design.

The following text by Guy Ball appeared in the Fall 1977 issue of The International Calculator Collector:

"From their invention of the first portable prototype, to their supplying the industry with chips and other components in the early 1970s, to their marketing acumen in becoming a world leader in sales, Texas Instruments played a leading role in the birth and growth of IC-based electronic calculators. We take the opportunity of the thirtieth anniversary of the "Cal-Tech" to celebrate their contributions."

The "Cal Tech" was the very first handheld. As such it is the granddaddy of all the handhelds that came later. In that sense ALL of the handheld's are related.

I don't know if the TIers who designed calculators used HPs, but I was one TIer who used my HP-16C when testing and developing industrial controls software for PLCs! I gave up on TI calculators back in college when my TI-59 keyboard went north (no disrespect intended, but I'm from the south) and I replaced it with the HP-15C!

Greg; That story has the makings of the numero uno "Memories Forum" entry.