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Full Version: CalcPro - Buyer Beware!
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I once placed an order with CalcPro, www.calcpro.com, and only received part of it. Attempts to resolve the problem were never responded to, and thus I've never done business with it again.

Now it seems CalcPro has sold pirated books without reimbursing the author, among other complaints:


It appears this CalcPro may be in the same ethics league as Coburlin, buyer beware!

I've ordered off CalcPro in the past without an issue, good reliable service in my case.

Any details you can post or send me on Coburlin?

Read threads below. Probably the most interesting comment came from Coburlin himself, who considers his customers "dumb." Ready to give him some business?

Many here want only discussions of technical issues, and don't like postings of business stuff. I and several others feel that pointing out bad business practices and frauds is just as important as hardware and code. If you can't make a good or honest purchase you might as well start manufacturing your own calculators.

I just ordered an HP-82241A AC Adapter for the IR printer and an HP 49G Advanced User's Guide from CalcPro with no problem. I didn't expect the AC Adapter to be brand new (it isn't) but it is in excellent shape. The 49G guide came with the shrink wrap still on. Anyway, these aren't exactly big, expensive items.


The crowd is cheering your good fortune to be one of the few with a completed order...

To be fully honest, I haven't really had a problem with CalcPro. Stuff might have been some days late, but it did come.

Now, I have received stuff I never ordered, but I always returned it to them.

According to CalcPro's home page, the 33s is a graphing calculator.

I like dealing with Calcpro. Never had a problem with any order. Probably just a one off situation.

I actually ordered these items before I noticed your original posting (or maybe it was someone else's) warning the buyer. My stomach was in knots until after the package arrived. If CalcPro was a questionable operation, I count myself lucky this time.