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Full Version: Angell Martin and SandMath III
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Hi, Angel if you are around (or if anyone knows how to find Angel) - I'm interested in a docu (at least a QR) for your fabulous Sandmath III mod. Any chance something like that is available anywhere?

And QR guides of some sort for your other great modules. :-)

Maybe a listing of commands and what they do?


Yes, I'm still around - albeit with little time left for hobbies... but I'd better put some documentation together before even I forget what the module functions do (unforgiving time-passing, amazing how things fade away in our brains).

So let me see, I can prepare a QRG during the next couple of w-ends, hope that's enough to get the basics covered.


Wonderful! Many thanks for the roms and the upcoming QRG's. ;-)


Awesome, tremedously enjoying the SandBox right now, off Meindert's toy. Lookingforward to the QRGs!



The QRG for the SandMath is *done*, let me know an e-mal address and will send it your way.


Hi Ángel

You already know my email adress.... Please, can you send the QRG to me as well?


ppl4 NOSPAM world at yahoo dot com

Thanks a lot, awesome!!! Can't wait ;-)

Hi, Angel;

I`m about to finish assembling the MLDL2000 and soon I`ll grab both a NoV32 and a NoVRAM. So, I`ll be loading as many ROM`s as possible. Based on what I (we) saw in your 41Z and what I read in the SandBox manual, the SandMath is something to dare delving into. As I have not been in contact with the ROM itself so far, a QRG will be the best guide, though.

So, if you allow me to:

lcvieiraNOSPAM at quantica dot com dot br

(remove the NOSPAM, please)

Thank you so much.

Luiz (Brazil)


can you paste the QRG in an article here in the articles forum? This way, everybody has the info. If pasting in an article doesn't work (because of formatting), the curator may allow you to upload the document and create a link somewhere on this site.