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Full Version: Loading Excel data onto HP 49g+
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Hi I'm looking at writing a simple survey program for the HP 49g+. I need some guidance on the best way to load up this data from Excel on a PC and how it can be setup so that it can be recalled by point number to be manipulated. Upload will be to the backup file port two in order to keep the original data unchanged.

The data is a list of point numbers and levels.

Any tips or links to tutorials that deal with type of data manipulation would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Steve

Your best bet for this type of question is not here on the museum, but in the comp.sys.hp48 newsgroup.

You can get to it by going to www.groups.google.com

There might be someone there who could help.

Hi, Steve;

have you arelady searched www.hpcalc.org ? There are many interesting programs and related stuff for all RPL calculators (HP28, HP48 and HP49). It's worth having a look there.

I tried the Advanced Search for the HP49 with Surveying as search argument and found:


I also tried Data collecting as searching argument and found:


The last one is a general data mannager with an easy menu interface (hence the name Menú Fácil, in Spanish).

I hope this helps.

Luiz (Brazil)

(In fact, I agree with John about the place to search for help, but as we have been reading so many off-topic messages here, then anything related to HP calculators is welcome...)

Thanks for the advice.