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Full Version: HP-67/97 Service Manual Sought
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Dear Colleagues,

Has anyone ever seen a SERVICE MANUAL for a HP-67 and/or a HP-97? Is there anyone who has a spare that they're not using? Maybe even something on CD? Anyone know where I can go looking for one, 'cept on "the bay"..?

All comments appreciated.


Mike DiGirolamo, W4XN

Two things that might be of help

The HP97 service manual (official) is on the CD-ROMs available from this site.

An unofficial hand-drawn schematic for the HP67 is on the HPCC Schematics CD-ROM. Go to http://www.hpcc.org/ and follow the obvious links.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for answering my post about the Service Manual.

I just ordered the DVD for the entire site.. thank you for the recommendation!


Mike, W4XN