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Full Version: HP Prototypes
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I think here in the forum there are many people knowing something about prototypes. We´ve seen a lot of items: HP-45A, HP-3x Spice Serie, HP-38G, HP-48G Serie, HP-49G, HP-71B, HP-75C/D, HP-94E and some more... but!
Have you ever heared about / seen a HP-41 Prototype?

AFAIK, some months ago there was a blue HP41 offered at eBay. Not sure that was a prototype, but at least it was a very special sample of this type.

currently I own a 45 / 3xE (don't know model right now) / 48G / 95LX / Expander prototype

The mentioned "blue cased" HP41 was custom built by a former HP employee, probably using HPs original molds. Not sure if this qualifies as a prototype - nice nevertheless :)

The blue HP-41 was a very special unit, although it´s not a proto, I´m shure.
I have seen the unit sometimes after the auction... very nice ;)