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Full Version: 12C Platinum prices around the world
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Take a look at this 15C:


It is selling for R$ 300.00 (about $133), fixed price. Not bad comparing to eBay prices, but somewhat expensive here (Exactly one-month wages of a non-qualified worker). They usually sell for R$ 220.00 here (about $97), when they show up. Apparently the seller doesn't tell his 15C from a 12C Platinum, as he lists the specifications of the latter. Also he says this is his final price because he saw a brand new one selling for R$ 500.00 (~ $221) in a store. Yes, here the 12C Platinum costs this much, at least off Black Market.

I know European prices are generally higher than American prices, though not so high as they are here. Just out of curiosity, what is the official price of HP calculators around the world, say the 12C Platinum? I mean prices on local stores, as prices on the internet stores usually are lower. Thanks!

Dear Gerson,

The 12C Platinum costs 89.5 Euros in Lisbon and 119 Euros in France. I bet the price in Lisbon is a typo! What surprised me is that the 17bII+ is more expensive in both countries.

All the best,


Hello João,

Obrigado pelo feedback! (Thanks for the feedback!).
About typos in price tags, there's a law here that states that the seller has to sell for the announced price, no matter it's right or wrong. The idea is to prevent sellers from attracting customers to their stores by announcing fake low prices. On the other hand, some months ago, a great supermaket sold at least a dozen LCD monitors for one tenth of the real price until they noticed their mistake (misplacement of the comma) :)

Best regards,