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Full Version: 71B HP-IL module
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Anyone has a tip on how to remove the HP-IL module from 71B without scratching the calculator? I've been fighting with it for an hour now and it moved about 1/32 " :)
Thanks for your help.

Hi, Tomas;

I have an HP71 with an IL module and it is not that hard to remove. I simply use my thumb and pull it out. Are there any chances that some corrosion in the contact surfaces is making it difficult to remove it?

Just an idea.

Luiz (Brazil)

I've had an easy time with some, and a harder time with others. Normally, grasping the computer with both hands and pressing outward on the module with both thumbs is enough to get it started. You can apply significant force that way without marring anything. If that doesn't work, try applying the force at slight angles to "straight out." If the module is slightly out of line in the slides, that could help. One machine I tried to remove an HP-IL module from resisted all such attempts. I finally pried it out, without marring the back, by starting with a thin exacto blade and exerting very little force on the seam farthest from the back of the calculator. I then moved up to a larger knife blade when the space permitted. This one got the module loose to the point I could slide it out all the way. The key to avoiding damage was going slow and applying minimum force.

Hope that helps, and good luck!


you could also remove one of the front port covers near the IL module,

then you'll see the other end of the HP-IL module.

Then VERY CAREFULLY apply a thin screwdriver or similar to

push the IL module out of it's position.

If you're careful enough you won't even have a scratch on the module housing.

However it may be safer to remove the batteries first,

since the screwdriver will go very near along the sensitive pcb.



Thank you all for your help. The module is OUT without any scratches. I use small flat screwdriver to carefully pry the module left and right. This managed to pull it out far enough to fit larger screwdriver between the module and 71B. Then applying fair amount of pressure finally popped the module out.
Thanks again

Edited: 27 Oct 2005, 10:33 a.m.