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Full Version: Spice for HP48GX and HP48SX
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I am a novice user of HP's RPL calculators. I was amazed to discover that "cards" are available to perform Spice simulations on the 48GX and 48SX. Has anyone any experience of simulating an electronic circuit on an HP? As a regular user of Spice, I'd love to read how an HP calculator manages to perform such simulations.
Best wishes.

Where did you found cards with Spice simulations for 48SX/GX? I didn't know they exist ...

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there exists a SPICE48 card from Sparcom.

Very nice thing.



Hi guys,

I am really VERY into this as a (freelance) engineer. I purchased
"circuits" for the 41 when it came out ('81) and found it very slow.

I am interested in getting a 48 if it will do this stuff.
Please, please let me know what you find...
In the meantime I'll do some trawling of my own and report back.


don wallace

Ah, that SPICE ... I thought he meant "Spice series" HP calculator simulations (such as HP-34C) on HP-48GX/SX. My mistake, haven't read carefully ...