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Full Version: Hi definition images of the HP-19C decimal dot
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The HP-19C and HP-10 had a unique feature, the decimal dots in their displays had the HP logo on them. Given the size of the dot and its high contrast wrt the background, taking a good picture of the dot has so far proven to be almost impossible.

Now ji (of http://www.tla.org) has taken some excellent pictures showing the dot, and also revealing that the display had another dot allowing it to display a : (why?)


Edited: 24 Oct 2005, 11:55 p.m.

Why? At a guess, for use in timepieces.


--- Les


note that the letters "hp" and the circle appear dark red because of red light reflected from the display window. The actual emitting surface appears pinkish, as it has saturated the sensor.



Great pictures, Ioannis!!

I feel a little bit ashamed to propose my own Low definition pics:

In the Led Eye

Don't forget to click on "Slideshow".

Well done again, yours are beautiful!!