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Full Version: HP timers
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Just for fun, I ran my HP-45s, HP-55, and HP-41CX in timer modes for an hour. Since the HP-45s do not have a quartz crystal, I was interested in their performance compared to the HP-55 and HP-41CX which do have clock crystals.
The results are:

HP-41-CX; 1:04:04:59

HP-55; 1:04:04:68

HP-45#1; 56:45:55

HP-45#2; 57:55:50

HP-45#3; 57:34:77

The HP-55 and HP-41CX were very close (within 0.09 seconds)
The HP-45s ran slow and were 7 minutes off the pace.
It was not easy to start all these calculators at the same time, but I do not think the error would be greater than about 0.02 seconds.