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Full Version: AREUH Assembler Document Translation from the French
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I have a new essay up at retrocalculator about my recent activities on the HP-71B. In particular, I've set out to learn Saturn assembler in the context of the 71. In the course of this, I discovered the AREUH assembler, which seems like a nice alternative to the FORTH/Assembler ROM. (There may be better ways, but it is important to me that I use contemporary tools if I can.) The README, and a nice essay by Mike Markov are in English, but the rest of the documentation is in French. I used Google to get a rough literal translation of the main documentation file, then finished things off by hand. The result is here. I'd appreciate it if a French speaker or two could compare my text to the original French text. As I say in my essay, you are welcome to roll on the floor laughing at the translation, but please point out to me what seems funny if you do. 8) Also keep in mind that the translation is not literal. Where possible I have preserved word choices. Otherwise, I've tried to convey the meaning. In a few cases, I have added to the text in order to clarify what I think it means.

Thanks in advance for your critique!

Hi Howard,

Great attempt to translate the Areuh documentation!

"MACHIN" doesn't mean "MACHINE"! At that time, the Assembler from the Forth ROM wasn't so much appreciated by Pierre and Janick and "MACHIN" has a strong pejorative meaning. You can use the word "THING" instead.

There are a few other obvious mistranslation, I will send my corrections directly to you.



Thanks, J-F!

Google translated "MACHIN" as "THING" and I could tell from the context that it referred to the Forth/Assembler ROM, but I didn't know it was a derogatory term. I'll restore Google's original translation.