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Full Version: 3468A Help !!!!
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When are not the 3468A making any measurement the display is showing several different values, that is normal?

With some older HP Digital Multimeters, it is normal for the reading to fluctuate when: (a) the inputs are floating and (b) the DMM is on a sensitive voltage setting.

If you short the input or connect it to some voltage and the reading is still not stable, then the DMM may be malfunctioning.



You may be able to make the instrument work better for you if you
put a high value resistor and maybe a bit of capacitance across the inputs.

Say, 4.7 Megohm 1/4 watts (yellow, purple, green, gold bands) and maybe 10 nF 630 volt greencap to settle the instrument.

It's possible that the input op amp has been degraded by some overloads during it's working life and the on-chip input transistors are a bit leaky. Maybe you could replace it?


Edited: 15 Oct 2005, 9:53 p.m.