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Full Version: Our favorite bubba has increased his prices
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Now he's asking $449 for his HP-35 with the noisy ON/OFF switch.


Gee. I have one of those.

Sadly, it seems that his HP-45 and HP-80 haven't kept their value as much, being only $349. But his HP-16C is $489.

Hi B-bloop,

If you click on "View seller's other items" you'll really get an eyefull of shocking prices! This seller must often be getting their price because most or all of their auctions have only "buy-it-now" pricing. I also recognize this name as one frequently seen bidding on HP items.


I've also noticed that when "our favorite bubba" bids on an HP item, he drops out when the bidding gets above fifty bucks or so. I've seen him open with bids of less than $10.

Cobubbua sells so-so quality. I buy sometimes from cjd55 and mr.tolossa who sell very good quality at good-to-high prices. I have bought from both and not been disapointed. I don't mind mr.tolossa's higher-than-average prices, because he seems to deliver quality AND is not out to take advantage of newbie buyers.

He had this for sale a while back with the same description. He must be or have a been a used car salesman. I don't think he's selling a lot of calculators.

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He seems to be interested in HP-16C calculators lately, bidding up to $90.88 (he seems to like that fractional dollar figure) for one with manual.

Since he seems to be located in the land of fruits and nuts, I wonder if he's paying the California inventory tax on his business.

What? Say Hal, how about giving a little credit and respect to us, the Fruits and Nuts at HP. After all, we created those God Damn Calculators!

Hi Mike3,
Are you sure you didn't mean for your last rebuttal to be directed at someone else? I never used the term "fruits and nuts" in any of my posts. The inference of my post was that while "our favorite bubba" wants to charge absolute premium prices for his offerings, he wants to acquire HP's for far less that they're worth (sometimes ridiculously so).

If you were at HP making those calculators, then my hat's off to you...you guys made the best products in the world by far.

Indeed, no offense intended to the people at HP Palo Alto. Although it has been a long long time since any calculators came from there.

Nevertheless, it's an interesting question as to whether or not the bubba is paying his California inventory tax. He has a demonstrated willingness to cheat his sellers, his buyers, and eBay. He's probably cheating the taxman too.

I agree with you about cheating all these entities. I think there may be a problem with jailing cobubba. After 12 hours in his cell he will turn into a mouse (or most likely a rat) and escape home to the sewers (where he has all these calculators stashed).

You have marvelously wicked sense of humor!

All for the glory of Rome!

Must be my age!