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Full Version: Can anyone source the 41 xrom 29 contents?
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Hi all.

I am hoping someone can source the rom contents for X functions module rom "1D".

Thanks in advance.


Hi Don,

just disassemble the associated part of the

related *.ROM or *.BIN file for Emu41 or V41.

For disassembly I'd use Warren's SDK41 (see TOS)



Hi Raymond,

Thanks so much for your reply.

My confusion was that I was not sure the existing MOD file contains that actual data... I thought (maybe I am wrong) that it had "1A, 1B and 1C" data pages in there and not "1D", which looking at Mathias great catalogue seems like it's in a later module.

Looking over my listing notes I realise I was mistaken and that call is to an IR printer module, so I was totally off-track...(!)

Thanks again Ray.