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Full Version: Manual of HP92198A
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I recently purchased in Ebay an HP92198A HP-IL to 80column video interface made by Mountain company. I would like to know if someone can send by email the scanned manual of the HP92192A. I have both the hpmuseum dvd and the TOS dvd, but the manual is not available.
Also, what SF? or CF? command must be input to the HP41 in order to get every key you type appears in the monitor? I donĀ“t remember the SF sequence.


Strange I thought I had sent it to the MoHPC. Anyway this is the manual for the MC00710A.pdf which is the machine the Mountain company produced before OEMing it to HP.

Anyway, here it is, I am also uploading to the MoHPC ftp site.




SF 15 for Trace mode.



Gonzalo Fernandez (Spain) wrote:

> what SF? or CF? command must be input to the HP41 in order to
> get every key you type appears in the monitor?

Flags 15 and 16 control the setting of MAN, NORMAL and TRACE modes.

Following is a list of the various HP-41 flags and their function:

00 \
01 |
02 |
03 |
04 |
05 > User Flags
06 |
07 |
08 |
09 |
10 /
11 Auto Execute
12 Double width
13 Lower Case
14 Protection Override
15 Print Control Flag 1 (15 Clear: 16 Clear = MAN, 16 Set = NORM)
16 Print Control Flag 2 (15 Set : 16 Clear = TRACE, 16 Set = TRACE/STACK)
17 Suppress LF/CR (Record Incomplete)
18 Interrupt Enable (HP-IL Dev Module)
21 Printer Enable
22 Number Input
23 Alpha Input
24 Range Error Ignore
25 Error Ignore
26 Audio Enable
27 USER Mode
28 Decimal Point
29 Digit Grouping
30 Catalog Flag
31 Date Format (Set=DMY, Clear=MDY)
32 HP-IL Manual I/O Mode
33 IL Lock (HP-IL Dev Module)
34 Auto Address (XIO Module: Set=ADROFF, Clear=ADDRON)
35 Disable Auto Start (Mass Duplication Module)
36 Number of Digits (4)
37 Number of Digits (3)
38 Number of Digits (2)
39 Number of Digits (1)
40 Display Format (Fix)
41 Display Format (Eng)
42 Grad Mode
43 Rad Mode
44 Continuous On
45 System Entry Flag
46 Partial Key Sequence
47 Shift Set Flag
48 Alpha Mode Flag
49 Low Battery Flag
50 Message (PROMPT, VIEW, AVIEW)
51 SST Flag
52 PGRM Flag
53 I/O Request Flag
54 Pause Flag
55 Printer Existence

Thanks for your help!
After 30 min. powered on, the plastic case of the Mountain interface gets very hot (due to the power regulator metal dissipator), but the screen remains stable, an almost imperceptible flicker shows up from start (when the interface is cold) and after 30 min. (plastic case hot). It is normal this behaviour? It seems to me that the flicker is due to the monitor (Hantarex 9 inch. monitor) and not the interface.