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Full Version: Need help for a 32 e
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I have two problems with a 32e-

First is that the thin electrical "cable" between batteries and the calculator is broken in one line, i think because of the defect of batteries in the past.

Is it possible to change or fix this line.

And the other Problem is that is that i have an non soldered version.
And i forget to register how the little circuits are placed. because i don’t want to take them out. But me daughter decided it was much more excitable to turn this interesting peace of toy, daddy is playing with, upside down. O she was so right, now I am excited.

Did anybody can tell me or probably have a Picture in which direction the circuits have to place?

Thanks for help

Edited: 7 Oct 2005, 1:07 a.m.

Hi, Jurgen;

I`d guess you are in no trouble. Since yours is an HP32E, all IC's are lined up by assembling them all pointing the '#1' pin to the LED display. All of them. And there's more: if your HP32E has more than one 8-pin DIP IC (the small ones, as you surely know), keep in mind that they have all pins with the same number connected in parallel with the ones in the other IC's (these are mainly RAM and/or ROM). You can easily check for this fact by inspecting the main PCB.

The main concerns are related to the series with continuous memory (HP33C, 34C and 38C). In these cases, the first position for the small 8-pin DIP IC's, the one closer to the power supply board, must hold the RAM IC so it is always fed for as long as there is a battery maintaining the minimum supply needs to hold its contents.

If you need further advice, please, keep posting.

Best regards from Brazil.


Edited: 7 Oct 2005, 1:41 a.m.