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Full Version: X-Memory and HP-IL
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How do I record the information of the x-memory using hp-il?

Read section "Transferring Data between Extended Memory and Mass Storage Devices", page 33 of the Extended Functions/Memory Module manual (file 41extfnc.pdf on the MoHPC DVD-ROM).


Edited: 4 Oct 2005, 3:11 p.m.

You may be disappointed. One may only directly transfer ascii and program files, but not data. For data files you have to write a program to put the data file through the stack into main memory and then into mass storage. This was a major omision on the part of hp imho, because i wanted to store data files. I forget if the "store all" function got around that - because using TDS; one could store a full 298 register data file. TDS wrote several functions into their roms, that being one that (again imho) hp should have included.

For storing X-Memory contents to a HP-IL mass storage device you can use the EXT-IL module (not the EXT-I/O module). This advanced module gives you powerfully commands for controlling big mass storage devices, transfering complete X-Memory, and printing multi column program plots.

With best regards from Germany - Christoph Klug

Which is full name of that module?

The full name is Extended IL Module, created from SKWID INK. Furthermore from SKWID INK exist a module for plotting HP41 barcodes. Virtual ROM images of both module exist for using with EMU41.

With best regards from Germany - Christoph Klug

Skwid Ink Extended IL ROM (CAT 2 output: EXT IL ROM). Very rare, I think...

Not rare at all if you have a Clonix module.

Put these into the Clonix today and put another pair in it next week.

One of the best things I ever bought for my 41 machine!

Couldn't agree more. Kudos to our friend Diego from whom we haven't heard in a while.