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Full Version: HP-35 & 32S Calculators
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I have an original (1973) HP-35 calculator. The calculator would still work but the battery charger no longer functions because of a short in the "elbow" that plugs into the calculator. Does anyone know where I can obtain a charger for this calculator?
My HP-32S has a problem with "sticking" keys. Can this be repaired?
Thanks for taking the time to read this and even more thanks if you respond.
I live in Taiwan so its a 12-15 hour time difference with the U.S.

You can get a working charger for your HP35 from me, IF you tell me the voltage you have in Taiwan AND you pay me a decent price plus the shipping. Please mail your offer to me directly.

Can you elaborate on the "sticking keys" issue? Is it like "TI-itis" where yo upush the button and get seven "9"s or is it more like you have orange juice in between?

In the latter case, taking out the batteries, immersing and soaking the whole calculator in deionized water, drying under ambient temperature with a fan for 3 days or so, will often do the trick.

You can find earlier threads in the archives discussing this--look under "Randy" and you will find posts by the real expert at this sort of thing.

Regarding the HP-35 battery charger, the "short in the "elbow"" problem is common. It is (at least sometimes) possible to repair this problem by carefully slicing the top of the plug off, exposing the contacts, cutting the wires back past the short, soldering the wires to the contacts and gluing the top back on. It may not look pretty, but it should do the job.

Regarding your 32S, as Bill stated, your course of action depends on the exact problem. In case it may help, instructions on opening and some repairs to this style of calculator (pioneer) can be found here and here. If you search the Forum Archives for postings by Paul Brogger (author of the linked articles), I believe you will also find reports of successful disassembly and repair of the keyboard itself.

Good luck!

Taiwan electricity system is identical to the US one, including plugs. So any US charger should work there.