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Full Version: Hoping to stop people asking me for a .pdf of the HP01 manual, which I got from the Museum
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Here's an email that I just sent to someone who wanted me to send him the HP01 manual, that I have from the HP-Museum DVD. Because multiple people are finding my email address via google and other searches, I thought maybe posting again to the Museum might help people also find out that I do not wish to send the .pdf, because I don't feel "right" about it, because I obtained it by buying the Museum DVD and would like to support the Museum.

I have changed the recipient's specifics to protect him.

-Mike Tjebben


Hello Dirk-

I actually get a LOT of such requests from people who have found a reference to
me by an internet search engine.

As I tell everyone:

I obtained my manual by purchasing the EXCELLENT DVD at www.hpmuseum.org.
I don't feel right about sending you the .pdf from that site, but suggest you get
one from there.
I'm sorry to re-direct you, but you'll find that site to be outstanding!

Good luck!


-----Original Message-----
From: Dirk
Sent: Sep 27, 2005 3:18 PM
To: motjebben@mindspring.com
Subject: HP-01 manual


I found your address on the internet. I read you have an PDF File of the
HP-01 manual?

Still have it? Can you sen me a copy. I would be very very happy.

Best regards.