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Full Version: Why do people do this?
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Why would someone post a calculator for auction - described as in excellent condition - and go to the trouble of posting not one, but TWELVE photos - all completely out of focus! Hey, gang... You can select the LARGE version of these out of focus pictures if you need a better view. You still cannot tell anything about the condition, but maybe if you really squint . . .

HP 16C

I must be missing something.


Just because you HAVE a digital camera does not mean you know how to use it.

another Don

I think that Don S. is right. The pix appear to have been taken with a digital camera at an inadequate resolution, not out of focus.

-- KS

aka "too close to focus"; the first picture is fine, but the seller obviously doesn't have a macro or wide angle lens :)

I agree, it's pointless to post those pictures...