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Full Version: HP 9114B Batteries. Help !!!!
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Where can I find one of these batteries Panasonic Lead-Acid Battery LCR-226P or equivalent for HP 9114B

I have purchased two of them and they work fine. Check the catalog for the specs. I have also had to replace faulty circuit board inside the battery enclosure. One of mine was faulty.

So where did you get the replacement circuit board, if I may ask?

Hi, Gileno;

I found a "Made in Brazil" lead acid that fits fine in the 9114B battery pack. It is a 6V/2800mAh (yeap, .4Ah +). I'll add pictures later, so you can check the model # and order it, if so. It cost me R$22,00 (Not so expensive, ahn? Not US$, R$).

Best regards.


Edited: 27 Sept 2005, 4:36 p.m.

I am waiting. Thank you very much! ! ! !

Hi Gileno, guys;

the sealed battery is a UNIPOWER, and it is actually made in China (sorry) and I confused the origin because it has all specs printed in Portuguese.

I´ll add identification and photos later (not home yet).


Luiz (Brazil)

Can you supply myself the data of the battery the site or address that you bought?

Hi Gileno, guys;

these are the pictures I got: (click any to enlarge)

Specs are visible and readable, though. Unipower battery ID is UP628. The National LCR6V2.4P is the one that came with the 9114B I have (thanks, D.M.). Physical dimensions for UP628 match LCR6V2.4P except for the largest dimension: UP628 case is about 2mm `taller`. UP628 contacts are also in different orientation and position, so I had to solder another wire for negative terminal. Anyway, it fits fine in original 88014B (battery pack).

Gileno, if you do not find it in local suppliers, let me know. Mine was brought from Sao Paulo, and I do not know the original supplier address, only the local supplier. If you do not succeed finding it, let me know.



Edited: 28 Sept 2005, 2:52 a.m.

Why would you want to replace the circuit board (unless it was physically missing)? There are no custom components on it, you can get a schematic on the HPCC CD-ROM.

The most common failure, of course, is the 5A picofuse between the battery and the output socket.

If you have problems getting the right 'block battery', 3 2.5Ah Cyclon cells (2V lead acid) in series fit the case perfectly.

Thank you very much. Luiz