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Apologies for mentioning the definitely-not-a-calculator 9816. I've recently acquired one, and this community is the closest I could find to ask questions of. I've been unable to find th items below on the web or on USENET.

I'm looking for manuals for my 9816. Specifically, I'm looking for pinouts of the serial connector, or even a source for an adapter to standard RS232. I have RMB 2.0 on two floppies, but no documentation, so I'm looking for pointers to manuals. Finally, I have a nearly complete Pascal 2.1 disk and manual set. I say "nearly complete" because I can't locate the INTERFACE library module needed to reconfigure the system (to compile CTABLE.PAS.)

Hopefully that is brief and to the point. Thank you for tolerating this digression from the normal flow of the forum. 8)

Vassilis, you are a digital pack rat after my own heart! Thanks for pulling another obscure piece of documentation out of your archive! There's lots of other useful information in that little manual too. Thanks again!

Don, I try not to think of how old I am. I just concentrate on the old machine. What I really love about this hobby are two things. First, there's combining my memory of a machine I used "back in the day" with whatever I (or helpful folks like Vassilis and yourself) can dig up on the Internet or our root cellars, plus whatever I can discover using my lifetime's experience with systems in playing with the actual device today. This crosses so many areas I find pleasurable in my life, that I sometimes don't have time to get to the second thing I really love: making these old machines talk to my modern machines and networks. I have 7 Linux boxes up and running on my home network, not counting laptops, PDA or Windows boxes. This is my laboratory for work, and my primary playground. If I can get my former life talking to my present life why, I'm peculiarly delighted! 8)

Now if only someone could pull a set of RMB 2.0 manuals out of some dark and musty corner.

Edited: 28 Sept 2005, 1:30 a.m.

There is at least a QRG for Basic 4.0 on the Museum CDs.

And if you master the HP-71B, you can master any RMB system :-)


If you are interested in the Basic 4.0 Language Reference Manual for the HP 9000 200/300 computers, then you can find it at:


(note that its pretty big, 22Mb and more than 600 pages).