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Full Version: Voyager emulators
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Check the link http://homepage.mac.com/riclira for voyager series hp calculators emulators. There are emulators for the 10c, 11c, 15c, 12c and 12c Platinum.

If you want the same emulators for free, and most older HP calculators as well, check out Nonpareil by Eric Smith (http://nonpareil.brouhaha.com/)

They are not the same. The "emulators" here are what everybody in the big what-is-an-emulator thread agreed are simulators. They reimplement the functionality of the voyagers at the user level, but adds a lot of functionality and possibly unique bugs. Eric Smith's Nonpareil emu^H^H^Hsimulates the Coconut CPU and executes the original firmware, making them identical to the real calculators, except they don't fit in a pocket.

I see. Yes, they have more memory, etc.

Ricardo -

Your simulators certainly look the part they have very realistic appearance!

The arithmetic accuracy isn't what I'd expect from an HP calculator though, and you should know that this can (and will) cause problems with a number of programs.

As an example try the following

48 - 47.8 - 0.2

The answer should of course be zero but it isn't and any test for x=0 will fail.

To be a true replacement your simulations need to match the accuracy of the real thing.

Mike T.

Where are Ricardo's emulators available from?