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Full Version: HP-75 BASIC Tokens. - NOMAS Please!
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I've finished the first draft of numeric constant assignment in my HP-75 BASIC program lister. I'm sure I'm missing some corner cases, but decoding of positive and negative mantissas and exponents, as well as integers works for the small set of test cases I've coded up. Reverse engineering this stuff by looking at the file dumps is interesting, but slow.

I'd like to renew my plea for the HP-75 NOMAS material. It contains the token table, among other stuff. The "other stuff" no doubt includes things like nibble or bit packed field decoding where appropriate. I can figure that stuff out by hand, but I'd like to finish this project in the current decade. 8) I'm willing to pay a reasonable amount, if that's necessary. But what I'd really like to do is scan the material and add it back into the public corpus of literature on the 75C, which is where it belongs.

The project? It's my SWAPDEX effort to catalogue all the existing "swap disk" images. I want to be able to describe all the software to the extent possible. For the 41 and the 71, there are emulators into which I can load the software plus any ROM images required. No such emultor exists that is public at this time for the 75C/D. But the first several BASIC programs I tried to load on to real 75 hardware resulted in errors trying to list them. It seems that won't work if a ROM the program relies on is missing. That got me off on decoding the BASIC file format, which led to the current effort.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Howard, don't you mean simulators? ;-P


I thought I had cleared this up???

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Was that To-maay-tow or To-maah-tow, Don?

Or, how would a goose pronounce t-o-m-a-t-o?

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I join Howard, I also would like to have access to the HP-75C source files. If there is any possibility to share the cost or workload for scanning, I offer my help.

I have a new ***lator in mind...



I already started to adapt my HP86 emulator to the kangaroo (same processor), I got some roms and started to dis-assemble them. But I don't have any documents on the I/O and rom swapping part.

So actually it doesn't work at all !!

(btw I thanks again André Koppel who gave me scanned NOMAS listing from HP86 rom)


If either of you guys can scare up a copy of the 75C NOMAS, I'd be eternally grateful. Likewise, I'd also love to see one or more 75C emulators (including HP-IL, Don 8)

Tony Duell says he has a copy. But he dosn't have a scanner. I'd be willing to pay trans-Atlantic postage both ways, and to promise to be very, very careful with the material while handling it. But perhaps it would be more appealing to Tony if a European were able to make the same offer?

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But I don't have any documents on the I/O and rom swapping part.

Documented in the HP-75 Service Manual on the MoHPC DVD (or CD set).

I don't see that manual on my copy of the DVD, Eric. I'm pretty sure I have the latest version, too.

Hmmm... I could have sworn that it was there, but now I see that neither the 75 nor the 71B service manuals are there. OK, I'll scan both and send them to Dave for the next edition. I think I've also got the 82104A, 82143A, and 82161A service manuals.

Cool! Perhaps you could send copies to JF and Olivier so they could get on with emulator writing before the next Museum CD comes out?

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