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Full Version: HP41 parts for sale - possibly...
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Hi all.

I bit the big one and bought a dud HP41C on Ebay.
Paid top dollar, too. You get that.

But maybe one mans misfortune can be someone elses
good fortune?

I am thinking of junking the calc, testing the parts
(rather involved...) and selling the following:

Keyboard PCB and front half shell (minus LCD display panel)

LCD display module only single with tag leads

I may also be able to salvage the processor.

The fault is a heavy load on the power buss. Machine obviously does not power up...

I will determine which parts have failed and recycle the rest.
Sadly it's only a 41C...

The backshell is mechanically sound but the interconnect
is fairly badly corroded...

I have very recently posted some photos of this beasts innards on my webpages, so if you are curious, go have a look.

For mre details, please write...

Best regards everyone!

Don W