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Full Version: Calc. Promo for 12c model
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Thank you for the very helpful and wonderful posts everyone gave in response to my post yesterday! It is very appreciated!


Do us something great... and why not sending all of us a pre-prod sample for approval ?

How about the software emulator for the Promo?? We love software emulators/simulators of calculators.

Yes, only make it run on Linux. HP's big on Linux, right?


and not some sort of troll.

Anyone know of a Mary who works for HP in advertising? Do we really believe HP corporate is self-aware enough to remember how old the 12c is?

Troll or not, I think the exercise was sort of telling. And none of us gave away anything we wouldn't have gladly given away anyway.....

True. Of course most all of us want a 15c to come back.

Just don't get your hopes up on a Mary coming by from HP to help.

Awww, gee, shucks. I'm crushed. You mean "Mary" isn't what she said she is? Dang!

Well, that's alright. I'm actually the ghost of Dave Packard come to haunt today's HP. I hang out here because a lot of the old spirit remains. (mwahahaha) If they don't give every one of you a 15CXS++, I'll make 'em pay!

And, the identity of our Mary aside, what do you think the odds are that there is someone in advertising at HP named Mary?

(ring) (ring)

Mary Hello?
Dave P. Mary?
Mary Yes, who's this?
Dave P. I'm the ghost of.. never mind about that.. do you know of
any other women named "Mary" in advertising at HP?
Mary Any other ..
Dave P. Because I know YOU wouldn't hang out at a message board
populated with old ..
Mary Who IS this?
Dave I said never mind about that ..
Mary *click*
Dave P. Dang!

As you can see, it doesn't prove anything. 8)

Mary, Mary,
quite contrary,
how do your calculator go?

With RPN,
way back when,
albeit rather slow...

P.S. I wonder if that's the same Mary as
the "charming Mary from Canoga Park Frank Zappa
sang about?

P.P.S. Sorry, Mary!

There's definitely "something about Mary" !

Who's playing Doug ?