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Full Version: Looking for manual for Forth41
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Anyone has an english manual for the Forth41 in pdf format? Does it even exist?

It took me several years to find a hardcopy of the manual, but copy of the is available on the MoHPC DVD.

Where have you found the HP-41 FORTH manual on MoHPC DVD? The only thing I found is FORTH for HP-71. Maybe I am missing something?

Right. I have the DVD. No Forth41 manual. If anyone could pdf a copy, I'm sure it would be a nice addition to the DVD. In the meantime, I'm eager to get a pdf copy sent to me :)

The MoHPC DVD has a manual entitled "HP-41 Translator Pac Owner's Manual" as the second entry under the "Calculator ROM Manuals" section. I believe this is the manual you are looking for.
Best regards, John Pierce

That's for the 71B. According to the old journals, it's based on the 71B Forth ROM, but with additional words that implement an HP-41 emulator on the 71B.