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Full Version: New arrivals at the Series80 site
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I have uploaded the programs and manuals for the BASIC Training Pac for both the HP-83/85 and the HP-86/87.

They are available at:

My thanks to Jim Battle for the the two manuals (the Basic Training manual and the Supplement) and the software for the HP-86/87.

Many thanks to Bob Hahm for the HP-83/85 software.


More new stuff:

In the manuals section (http://www.series80.org/Manuals)
you will find the Introduction to the HP-86B and a (short) instruction sheet for the HP-82912A and HP-82913A Video Monitors (the 12-inch is the one used with the 86B, while the 9-inch is usually used with the HP82163A HP-IL Video Interface.

Many thanks to Jim Battle for contributing these manuals.